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Please allow me to begin with an apology.  This post was intended to be available before Valentine’s Day, but as fate would have it, I got a job, and found myself with very little extra time.  So please forgive me this time and keep this information handy for next year.  Future posts will be available prior to the holiday, with plenty of time for you to try out the suggested projects and give these items as gifts.

I was searching for some fun and easy Valentines Day crafts online, and the entire first page of links were underwhelming, to put it delicately.  In fact I have never seen so many outdated craft ideas in all my life.  Martha Stewart has some excellent ideas, I particularly enjoyed the cat nip hearts.  However, the only way I know about Martha’s great ideas is because my sister got me a subscription to her magazine for Christmas.  When you simply google Valentine’s day crafts, Martha’s website does not come up.  The downside to Martha’s crafts and recipes is that they generally are intended for the expert, or require you to spend quite a bit of money and time.  I am not an expert by any means.  I just want to have beautiful treasures to give as gifts and want you to be able to make them as well, no matter what level of craftsperson you are.

I went to Joann Fabric and Micheal’s Craft Store to buy most of my supplies.  I found that even 2 weeks before Valentine’s Day, at the Joann Fabric store, that there Valentine’s supplies were already 25-50% off.  I purchased two packs of three inch wooden heart frames for less than one dollar per pack, and a scalloped two inch heart cookie cutter for around a dollar.  At Micheal’s Craft store I found clearance sales also.  I bought three sheets of Victorian, fabric looking, floral printed scrapbook sheets of paper for around 30 cents per sheet.  I also got an adorable strand of felted heart beads about the size of gum balls at Micheal’s.  I purchased one can of red spray paint from Walmart for just over one dollar.  I have a lot of felt on hand but I know it can be purchased for around 30 cents per sheet at most craft stores.  My last purchases were from the dollar store.  Never underestimate the treasures you can find there that just need a little tweaking to become beautiful.  I bought two packs of scented tea lights and a flour sack tea towel.  When I got home I pulled out my sewing machine, my felt, my lace, and my floral paper to come up with some fresh crafts.

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