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My husband told me today that he heard news of a family in California that were hit particularly hard by the economic downturn.  Both the husband and wife lost their jobs and were feeling completely distraught.  The husband felt there was no hope left.  He took the lives of their five children, his wife’s life and his own.  This story obviously makes me ill, but it also inspires a myriad of other feelings.  For example, frustration.  Times are hard yes, no one would disagree with this, however, all is not lost.  It is so important to remember, in these cold days, all that we do have.  A few of my own treasures include a loving, supportive family, an amazing husband, and the most incredible friends a person could ask for.  In hearing the news of this man and his tragic story, I can’t help but wonder, did this family have absolutely no one to lean on?  I find this hard to believe.  If nothing else they had each other.  There are always options.  In stead of focusing on all that is sad in the world, we should pull together and find the sunshine.  There are endless moments in every day that are beautiful, hilarious, wonderful, and hopeful.  Babies at the grocery store, learning and absorbing the world around them.  A conversation with someone you love.  Watching your pet sleep so peacefully removed from the stress of our reality.  Listening to a beautiful song.  Baking something delicious, or enjoying a delightful coffee and people watching.  Borrowing a book from the library.  Hugging.  Telling someone how much they mean to you.  We have to pull together to get through this winter.  Do not get discouraged.  All is not lost.

Here is the story I was referring to.


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  1. RachelJensen

    Kate! Your site IS fabulous, and I think your message is in this post is so appropriate and timely. The material things we have or don’t have are not what’s really important, and if we stick together we can survive – even thrive – in difficult conditions. Thanks for posting such an uplifting thought.

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