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It is incredible how quickly new habits can form.  I am addicted to television.   I absolutely love watching reality shows about other people getting organized, loosing weight, raising children, traveling to interesting places, cooking beautiful meals.   I am just now realizing how much of a waste it all is.

My husband and I have purchased our first home.  We have spent this past month moving our stuff in and trying to get organized.  What an overwhelming experience.  I have moved 13 times in my life and this experience was completely different.  There is something so exciting and daunting about having the freedom to do whatever we want to this house.  This has never been an option.  I want to make this house our home and our sanctuary.  I am proud of this purchase and what an accomplishment it is.  We had been planning and saving for over 3 years.  I can hardly believe that this is all ours.

I find that at the end or my work day, instead of wanting to work on our beautiful home, all I feel like doing is eating a gigantic meal and sitting on the couch and watching one of the above described reality shows.  Then begins a relentless battle inside my mind.   My body feels exhausted and my back sore from a day of sewing.   My mind feels spent from fighting with the prom dress that I am trying to perfect and I want to give into the voice that so strongly encourages me to continue to sit on the couch and be a bum.   Then my reason and logic creep up and remind me that I have a wedding to participate in merely four months.  I am beyond disgusted with my current figure.  This is never a weight that I could have ever imagined reaching.  Beyond that I have reached my largest clothing size of my life.  The side of me that knows better tells me to get off of the couch and do some exercise.  This side has not won this debate in many months now.

To add to the lack of exercise, I have regularly found myself indulging in horrible eating habits.  I could take the easy argument and blame my husband for his picky food rules which usually leads us to eat things that generally would be found on a five year old’s dream food list, but as I said that is an easy excuse.  I have control over the situation I just don’t take that control.  The truth is, and you can say what you want, we both need to eat better.  He is also the largest he has ever been in his life.  This is not the way we want to be.  In addition to these foods being horrible for us  I am completely bored with the dishes that we always revert to.  There is such a gigantic library of exciting and wonderfully healthy meals out there.  I really want to explore.

The questions then becomes, “How do you change your life?”  Perhaps putting it this way seems a bit dramatic but I feel like I do need to change my life.  I want to make this house feel like it is a representation of our personalities.  I want to reduce the clutter and excessive collections I have.  I want to develop a regular exercise routine.  I want to cook interesting and challenging meals that will also be good for us.  I want to discover a new version of myself.

It has been a very long time since I have published on here and since somewhat recently becoming an avid reader of a certain dear friend’s blog and another certain cousin’s blog I have decided to revive DomesticKate for all that she can be.  If not for starters just a forum for self motivation and accountability.  Wish me luck!

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