Sweetheart Satchel

I made these heart shaped favor bags out of felt.  I used the felt that comes as pre-cut pieces.  I folded the short side of the fabric to make a four inch flap.  I then cut out half of a heart shape on the fold.  Just remember how you cut out paper hearts as a child.  The fold is the center of your heart.  You need two identical hearts to make one satchel.  I was shooting for hearts that were approximately four inches wide and tall.  I then cut out much smaller hearts, in various sizes, out of a different color of felt. The biggest heart was about one inch tall.  I sewed these in one corner of one of my bigger hearts.  Then I used my sewing machine to sew up the sides of my hearts.  I left the top open and sewed the wrong sides together so the stitches would show.  I intentionally used a contrasting color of thread.   I then continued my sewing along the individual tops of each heart to finish out the outline of the stitches.  From there, I sewed ribbon or lace the the seams on either side of the hearts to use as the handle of the satchel.  I chose to use two individual pieces of lace or ribbon measuring about four inches each.  This way I could tie a tiny bow at the top.  I used my sewing machine for all of the sewing, however, hand sewing would be fine.  I would recommend using a running stitch to have nice, tidy stitches that looking nice from all sides.   As my last step, I folded the hearts so that the seam was in the center of the heart.   I found that when I put items into the satchel, it wanted to fold this way so I encouraged it.  These are great for filling with candy or other small hand made gifts.  I put the heart candles I made in each satchel as well as one of the reusable tea bags filled with one serving of loose English Breakfast Tea that I secured in a small plastic bag.