Heart Candles

For this project you will need 20 tea lights.  I used 10 white vanilla scented candles and 10 dark red cherry scented candles.  The blending of these colors and scents turned out very nicely.  You will also need a shoe box lid or candle molds that can be purchased from a craft store.  I used a shoe box lid that I already had to save money.  You will also need a heart shaped cookie cutter to make the candles.  I used the smallest heart cookie cutter I could find.  It is about one inch wide.  I purchased a very small sauce pan from the thrift store to melt my wax.  This way there would be no contamination of wax in the pots I use for cooking food.  Wax is extremely hard to remove so I did not want to take any chances.  It would be a good idea to wear an apron, or old clothes while doing this project so you can protect your nice clothing from any potential wax splatters or spills.

To make these charming candles:

First remove all the tea lights from the metal cups and then remove all the wicks. Next, I took an old shoe box lid and covered it with aluminum foil to use as my wax mold. Keep this right next to the stove.  Now take all your wax disks and put them in the pot and start melting them on the stove on a medium low heat.  Make sure your wax is completely transparent and fully melted before you pour it into your mold.  Then very carefully and with the pot completely over the center of the mold, pour the wax.  You want to pour over the center of the mold so that if your wax runs down the side of the pot it will still get in the mold and not on the floor or counter top.  Now you need to wait until the wax takes on a opaque appearance but is still hot and soft to the touch.  You don’t want it to be to soft because then when you cut it with your cookie cutter it will not hold the shape, and the wax will run.  Test one in the corner of your mold.  It should be firm but still relatively easy to press the cookie cutter into.  You want it to be about the resistance of chilled sugar cookie dough.  Once the wax it at this point you should cut out as many hearts as you can.  In the cent of each poke a hole with a tooth pick so that you can layer slide the wick back through the center.   Carefully pull out all the hearts from the mold.  The wax it still pliable so be careful not to deform the heart shape.  The individual hearts are pretty thin so we are going to stack two together to make the appropriate height of a tea candle.  I don’t recommend stacking more that two hearts or the wick will not be tall enough to stick out of the top.  Take two hearts, and with a lighter slightly melt the bottom of the heart the will rest on the top of the coinciding heart.  Gently press them together so that you have stacked hearts.  Now you are ready to thread the wick through the center holes.  You can use the lighter to make the base of the wick stick to the bottom of the bottom heart if you choose.  Now let them cool over night.

This is a great project for recycling an old nasty looking candle.  In that case you would need to cut the wax away from the wick before melting the wax.  You would also need to then purchace new wicks from a craft store.  The nice thing about the cheap dollar store tea lights is that the wicks slid right out, making the transfer of the old wicks into my new candles very easy.